Rose McGowan Begs Trump To Take On Deep State By Pardoning Assange And Snowden: ‘Burn Them Down’

As the voices grow on right and left for President Donald Trump to pardon whistleblowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, Hollywood actress and liberal political activist Rose McGowan joined that chorus on Monday.

McGowan tweeted, “Dear @realDonaldTrump Please consider being punk as f***. You will make history if you pardon Assange, Edward Snowden & any whistleblower wrongly persecuted.”

“DC Cult Leaders aka politicians hate truth,” she added.

“Burn them down on your way out. #FreeAssange #PardonSnowden #PunkAF”

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Rose McGowan Is No Stranger To Attacking Democrats

For some time, McGowan has been a vocal voice in the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

She has frequently used her platform to attack what she sees as the hypocrisy of Democrats and liberals.

McGowan was one of the few #MeToo movement leaders to take Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault against Joe Biden seriously.

McGowan even went so far as to call for Biden to drop out of the presidential race after Reade made her allegations.

In August, McGowan tweeted, “You are the season of darkness. @JoeBiden @dnc You are monsters. You are frauds. You are the lie.”

Over the last week, McGowan has set her sights on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been accused of sexual harassment by a former aide.

President Trump Revisited Possibility Of Snowden Pardon Sunday

President Trump mentioned on Sunday during a press conference that he was still considering pardoning Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist responsible for breaking Snowden’s story in 2013, noted how doing so would be a direct affront to the Deep State.

“If Trump follows through on a pardon of @Snowden, it’d be a huge victory against CIA/FBI/NSA abuses,” Greenwald tweeted.

He added, “Everyone from @Rand Paul, @MattGaetz & @TulsiGabbard to @ACLU, @Bernie Sanders & @NYTimes  have advocated for this.”

“The only ones angry would be Brennan, Clapper, Comey & Susan Rice,” Greenwald noted.

Greenwald was referring to Obama administration officials: former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Obama administration United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.

As Greenwald noted, both conservative Republicans and Democrats and left-wing groups have called for pardons of both Snowden and Assange.

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Snowden Asked President Trump If He Had Only One Pardon To Give, To Use It For Assange

On December 3rd, Snowden urged President Trump to pardon Assange before himself.

Snowden tweeted, “Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please: free Julian Assange. You alone can save his life. @realDonaldTrump”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has reportedly been in poor health in recent years.

Whether President Trump pulls the trigger and pardons Julian Assange and/or Edward Snowden before the presidential inauguration on January 20th remains to be seen.

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