Reagan’s 1984 Labor Day Speech Explains The American Dream Is About Work Not Welfare

Ronald Reagan’s speech on Labor Day in 1984 is a striking reminder of why work – not welfare – is the true goal for those trying to attain the American dream.

The former president reminded Americans that while presidencies and administrations come and go, the foundation of economic prosperity is grounded in principles.

“We must not and will not rest until everyone who wants a job has found one,” he said in a stirring call-to-arms, “until all Americans can reach as high as their vision and talents take them.”

“We must not and will not rest until everyone who wants a job has found one, until all Americans can reach as high as…

Posted by Karon L. Beasley on Monday, September 1, 2014

The American Presidency Project has a full transcript of Reagan’s speech.

It has familiar themes to that of the current Trump Administration, currently in the process of overturning Obama-era waivers for work requirements of welfare recipients.

“Work should always be encouraged as a condition for receiving welfare,” acting Assistant Director for the Department of Health and Human Services Steven Wagner said last week.

Below is a radio address Reagan made a couple of days prior to Labor Day in 1984, which praised “the working men and women whose dreams and hard work helped build America into the greatest Nation in the world.”

Those are the same hard-working men and women Trump is currently battling for.

Reagan’s 1980 Labor Day speech will truly sound familiar to fans of President Trump, however.

In an appeal to blue-collar workers, Reagan kicked off his campaign for the presidency by making a pitch for conservative values, while simultaneously explaining why Democratic policies were bad for hard-working Americans.

“This country needs a new Administration,” Reagan explained. “With a renewed dedication to the dream of an America, an Administration that will give that dream new life and make America great again.

As we celebrate this Labor Day, remember it is President Trump who is fighting to move America away from a nation content to accept government assistance and toward a nation molded in Reagan’s vision that “meaningful work, not welfare, is every American’s hope.”

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