On the far-left liberal network ABC, one of their in-house “journalists,” Terry Moran, claimed that it would be illegitimate for an a male-majority Supreme Court to rule on Roe v Wade, the decision that legalized abortion. This is of course in reference to the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and the liberal fantasy that somehow the Court would immediately undertake overturning the decision.

This week, ABC host and former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos asked about the Kavanaugh confirmation, “Let’s say for the sake of argument, for just this minute right here, that he does get through – that it is a 51, perhaps, 49 partisan vote. What does he do in that situation as he ascends to the highest court in the land?”

Correspondent Terry Moran responded, “Well, he had better take into that lifetime appointment a sense of the woundedness of so many people in the country, and factor that into his decisions. Overturning Roe v Wade by an all male majority, two of whom have had credible accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against them, would not be a legitimate action, and that is the question of the court – legitimacy. It has always had a very high place in American popular opinion and it could lose it if it loses legitimacy.”

Should we remind Moran that it was an all-male Supreme Court that legalized abortion nationally with Roe v Wade? Not just a male-majority, an all male Court?

If you’ve watched closely, sooner or later those who oppose Kavanaugh will start rambling on about Roe v Wade. It’s their tell. They care about one thing more than anything else: abortion.

Moran’s claim that once Kavanaugh is confirmed we’ll have two justices with “credible accusations of sexual misconduct” is refuted by the definition of the word “credible.” An FBI investigation didn’t turn up anything that derailed Clarence Thomas’ nomination (which ironically led to liberals writing off that FBI report), and every witness cited by every Kavanaugh accuser has refuted their narratives.

The Left is merely outraged that another “old white man” is going to be confirmed – Judge Brett Kavanaugh – which, interestingly enough, is an objection I must’ve missed when Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland. This has been their game plan for years now. It’s per se bad, wrong, or evil to be white, or male.

While many pundits on the Left like to pretend that it’s the right-wing in America that’s gone extreme, study after study shows that the Republican Party hasn’t changed much ideologically since the 1990s. In fact, the only notable positions they changed on are gay marriage (becoming more favorable) and marijuana legalization (again, taking a more favorable stance). I mention those two to make the point that the Republican Party actually moved slightly to the left socially.

Meanwhile, Democrats have gone off the hinges, moving to the extreme left on most major issues. In the 1990s a majority of Democrats opposed illegal immigration, and most viewed government spending to be inefficient.

And as a result, Democrats are electing candidates far more liberal than just a decade ago, while the average Republican is only slightly more conservative than the average Republican of the 1980s.

The Left’s ideas are becoming increasingly cartoonish, whether it be Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’s $30+ trillion dollar policy proposals, or the idea that suddenly men cannot be Supreme Court justices, lest all decisions lose their “legitimacy.”