Rob Reiner Demands Trump Be Removed From Office So We Can Heal From Coronavirus

Actor and producer Rob Reiner, who arguably has the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the liberal world of Hollywood, once again came unglued on President Donald Trump and claimed it was necessary for the president to be removed from office in order for us to heal from coronavirus.

“We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President,” Reiner tweeted. “First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.”

Focusing on removing Trump from office is actually the last thing we should be doing right now. Instead, we should be putting politics aside to come together to find a way to defeat the coronavirus before it takes more American lives.

Politicizing coronavirus is not only a waste of time and energy, it’s also a despicable attempt to pin blame on Trump for a disease that he had no control over. Despite this, Reiner is not the only liberal who is trying to use coronavirus to take Trump down. After Trump’s press conference on Friday about coronavirus, comedian Chelsea Handler called him a “moron” who we have to “get rid of.”

“Trump is holding a press conf about corona yet is unable to answer any real questions on the matter, and then turns it over to pence, who then praises trump for what a great job he’s been doing,” she tweeted. “How stupid do we have to be before we get rid of this moron. Not a question.”

Trump just can’t win with the Hollywood Left. If he tries to downplay the coronavirus and urge the American people to stay calm, he’s accused of not taking the disease seriously. When he tries to take action by banning travel from Europe and urging people to practice social distancing, he’s told that he’s doing too much and should be removed from office.

Luckily, Trump has never cared what the liberal elites of Hollywood thought of him, and he’s not about to start now. Reiner, Handler, and their radically left-wing friends can bash Trump all they want, but it’s not going to stop the president from doing whatever it takes to stop the coronavirus and save American lives.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on March 17, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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