Rob Reiner Demands President Trump Be Investigated For ‘Federal Crimes’

Reiner Trump

Hollywood leftist Rob Reiner has demanded that President Donald Trump be investigated for “federal crimes” after he leaves office.

Reiner: Imperative The President Be Investigated For “Federal Crimes”

Hollywood liberal elite Reiner has not shied away from criticizing President Trump in the past, and with the media declaring that Joe Biden has won this month’s presidential election, Reiner has now turned his attention to what happens after the President leaves office.

“After Trump leaves, and he will, to repair the damage he has caused Democracy, it will be imperative that a non partisan commission be formed to investigate him for Federal Crimes,” Reiner tweeted. “It will be the only way we can restore faith in our Constitution and the Rule of Law.”

It’s no surprise that Reiner would demand President Trump be investigated for “federal crimes,” as he believes that the President is personally responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans. In fact, he even accused the President of creating rallies before the election just for that purpose.

Reiner also attacked President Trump for raising irregularities in the election, with the President claiming that massive voter fraud occurred in various states, and that “if you count all the legal votes,” the President was the actual winner.

The actor described this simply as “projection” from “an illegitimate tortured President [who] pathetically tries to claim his successor is illegitimate. If his insanity remains unchecked, it will do permanent damage to our Democracy.”

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Waters: What The President Has Done Is “Criminal”

Reiner is not the only person to demand that President Trump be investigated. Maxine Waters, the Democrat from California, has said that President Trump’s refusal to concede constitutes “voter suppression attempts at its highest level,” and that she would also want the President investigated.

“What he has done in the four years that he has served as president is simply unconscionable, I think criminal in some cases,” Waters said.

“He’s placed this country in danger. And the president of the United States is supposed to be about making sure that the country is safe and secure, and he has done everything possible to undermine our democracy. I don’t think that can be overlooked,” she continued.

Notice that both Reiner and Waters never elaborated on the specific “crimes” that they believe Trump committed. That’s because Trump hasn’t actually committed any crimes, and any attempts to prosecute him from the left will just be witch hunts that will do nothing but waste the time and money of American taxpayers. 

Not that any of that matters to the left. 

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