Tennessee Titans Rishard Matthews Says He’ll Quit NFL If They Ban Players from Kneeling During National Anthem

Rishard Matthews quit
NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 25: Rishard Matthews #18 of the Tennessee Titans warming up before a game against the Oakland Raiders at Nissan Stadium on September 25, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Raiders defeated the Titans 17-10. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews claims he will quit playing football should the NFL adopt a rule demanding players stand for the National Anthem.

Matthews was asked on social media if he would continue to remain in the locker room during the Anthem if the League created a rule requiring players to stand, or if he’d be willing to pay a penalty.

The Titans player took it a step further, saying he’d be willing to give up his job and presumably the three year, $15 million contract he signed with the team.

The tweet has since been deleted, but sports reporter Clay Travis posted a screenshot …

Remarkably, look a little closer at the image Matthews uses on his Twitter profile. That is a picture of his older half-brother, Christopher Ruiz, who was killed while serving as a retired Marine working as a private defense contractor in Afghanistan.

Ruiz gave his life for our nation, our flag, and the values espoused in our National Anthem. And Matthews is so hell-bent on disrespecting all of that, he’d walk away from the game that has made him a millionaire while having to sacrifice nothing.

Matthews once tweeted a Memorial Day message explaining the holiday was much more than barbecues and a day off.

“Truly the LAND of the FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!!” he wrote.

But it was President Trump’s comments ripping the NFL players for their lack of respect that turned Matthews toward being a ‘social justice warrior’ instead.

“Matthews previously refrained from protesting in respect of his brother,” ESPN reports. “But after Trump’s comments, he said his brother would understand his intentions going forward.”

Is Matthews serious, though? He deleted the tweet almost immediately, signaling second thoughts.

Seems like the player wanted to be a hardliner for an instant, then realized he might lose a significant amount of money by doing so. Taking a social justice stand shouldn’t be this hard.

And just in case you’re wondering what Matthews protest is truly all about, wonder no more. He started boycotting the Anthem only after Trump made a statement. It’s all about being anti-Trump, and has nothing to do with racial equality.

Here’s more proof:

Oh dear. Matthews might want to continue making his NFL salary because it’s going to cost a pretty penny to have that moment of regret scrubbed from his leg.

Do you think NFL players will actually quit if they have to stand for the National Anthem? Share your thoughts below!

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