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The Rise of ISIS Across the Middle East and Northern Africa in One Picture (SCARY!)





This image, from the Daily Mail, shows the terrifying spread of ISIS across 8 countries in the Middle East and northern Africa in just a few short years:

Born out of the Iraqi War in 2003, Islamic State’s deadly grip has stretched across the Middle East and into northern-Africa where today, only the Mediterranean Sea separates the militants from Europe.

It has conquered regions of Iraq, Syria and recently Libya while building a terrifying support structure in Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt’s Sinai Province, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Algeria.

Wow, that’s some JV team!

Obama had the chance in 2013 to wipe out ISIS with drone strikes, but he refused to do so because he was so determined to turn his back on Iraq, at all costs. Now we’re starting to live with those costs, and Obama STILL doesn’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS!

By the way, do you see that tiny uncolored piece in the Middle East? That’s Israel. And people wonder why they’re such an important ally to have! We can’t just throw them to the wolves. They’re surrounded by the same threats every day that we face from across the ocean.