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Rev. Graham Just Announced THIS About Trump’s Muslim Proposal!

Franklin Graham

Rev. Franklin Graham – the famous evangelist and son of Rev. Billy Graham – went on Facebook (below) to remind us all of an important fact regarding Donald Trump’s plan to stop all Muslim immigration.

As Rev. Graham notes, political correctness has led the political establishment to defend the Muslim community even in the wake of Muslim-related terrorist attacks.

But as a recent Pew Research Center poll shows, 8% of American Muslim adults believe that suicide bombs and violence in the name of Islam is sometimes justified. While 8% doesn’t sound large, there are more than 1.8 million Muslims in America… Therefore, 144,000 are willing to justify evil terrorist acts!

As Rev. Graham opines, “That’s not “peaceful” and that’s not a small number—it’s about the size of the entire population of Syracuse, New York!”

Here is the full post, which has Donald Trump smiling from ear to ear…


Franklin Graham

Thank you Rev. Graham for speaking out against political correctness! It is essential that Americans have the ability to protect ourselves from harm, and a good first step is to stop Muslim immigration.  The process needs to pause until America knows exactly who is entering onto our soil!

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