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Rev. Graham is Thankful First Lady Melania Trump is Sharing Her Christian Faith

Over the weekend, liberals and the establishment media freaked out after First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband’s rally in Florida and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

The choice was a courageous stand for her religion, and something we’re not used to seeing after 8 years of Michelle Obama. The left is not happy with her, but now Rev. Franklin Graham has come to her defense!

In a Facebook post that has been liked almost 150,000 times in 18 hours, Graham made it clear that Melania’s decision was brave.

Graham agreed with conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity who said the moment was “touching and beautiful,” and noted that “millions of people agree with” Sean.

Graham continued, “I’m thankful we have [a] First Lady who isn’t afraid to publicly let her faith be known, and I hope she won’t be discouraged by the vicious attacks from the left on her and her family. Our nation often needs to be reminded of the power of God, ‘For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.'”

With the video clip he chose, he is noting the same kind of shameful attacks that Graham himself has faced, along with Jerry Falwell Jr.

This is going viral!

Thank you Rev. Graham for standing up for Melania Trump! She is a classy First Lady, and no one should be afraid to share their faith in the public square.

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