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Watch: Retired Army Lt. Colonel Calls Obama’s ISIS Strategy ‘Pathetic’

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters offered a stinging assessment of the President’s national address on ISIS, saying it’s “so pathetic” and explaining that he has to control himself in describing it as “idiotic nonsense.”

Via Gateway Pundit:

“Barack Obama’s shabby pretense at a strategy as laid out tonight will not defeat and destroy the Islamic State. By the way, it is Islamic, and it is a nation state with a caliphate… Does he really believe he’s going to build a coalition. He has nine states so far, Bush had 48, 40 of which contributed troops in 2004. He has nine states none of which are willing to fight… It’s so pathetic, that I[‘ve] actually got to control my anger and simply say it’s idiotic nonsense.”

Peters also took a shot at the Clinton presidency, saying he “kicked the can down the road to the next President” in regards to al Qaeda.

Watch …

Peters actually went into the speech with high expectations, saying he expected a “forceful” effort on the part of the President.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And here to tell us what he expects to hear from the president when he addresses the nation tomorrow, Fox News strategic analyst Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.

Colonel, we now have 50 — 91 percent of Americans now see ISIS as a serious threat to American vital interests, 71 percent support air strikes against ISIS. The president has been giving pretty much an incoherent message, inconsistent message. Is there anything he can do to get back credibility on this?

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS, U.S. ARMY (RET.), FOX STRATEGIC ANALYST: Well, yes, there is. He could give a forceful speech outlining a viable program to defeat and ultimately destroy ISIS. And then he could implement it because the crucial thing is, you know, Sean, with this president, isn’t what he says, it’s what he does.

So he’s our president. I want him to do well. I’m not a reflexive, you know, “get Obama” guy. I want the best for our country. But this president has to step up.

Last month, Peters made headlines when he outlined his own plan to deal with ISIS.

Peters:  The way you deal with Islamic State (ISIS), these bloodthirsty, blood-drunken terrorists is to kill them. Keep on killing them until you kill the last one. Then you kill his pet goat. That’s how you deal with them.

Perhaps the President should have had Peters serve as speechwriter for his recent national address.