Republicans Reveal Plan to Overturn Biden’s Student Loan Bailout

By Casey Harper (The Center Square)

Republican lawmakers in both chambers of Congress have kicked off an effort to overturn the Biden administration’s student loan cancellation via Congressional authority.

The move comes after the Government Accountability Office said that the student loan rule fell within Congress’ authority to overturn under the Congressional Review Act, a law that allows lawmakers to revoke executive rules soon after they are enacted. To that end, Rep. Bob Good, R-Va, and Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La, announced Monday they are leading a Joint Resolution of Disapproval, the first step for Congress to overturn Biden’s student loan forgiveness.

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“President Biden’s so-called student loan forgiveness programs do not make the debt go away, but merely transfer the costs from student loan borrowers onto taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars,” Good said.

Last August, Biden said that his administration would “forgive” $10,000 in federal student loan debt for those making less than $125,000 per year or $250,000 for married couples. Those who borrowed money before July 1 can qualify.

The debt cancellation would total $20,000 for Pell Grant awardees. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office said that the plan would cost taxpayers about $400 billion, though other estimates are higher.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a legal challenge to Biden’s loan cancellation. They are expected to rule in the coming weeks. For now, the program is on hold.

“President Biden is not forgiving debt, he is shifting the burden of student loans off of the borrowers who willingly took on their debt and placing it onto those who chose to not go to college or already fulfilled their commitment to pay off their loans,” Cassidy said. “It is extremely unfair to punish these Americans, forcing them to pay the bill for these irresponsible and unfair student loan schemes.”

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The measure has 39 cosponsors so far and support from several groups, including the National Taxpayers Union, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Heritage Action, and America First Policy Institute. The resolution, though, needs Biden’s signature or a majority large enough to override a veto.

“This resolution will dissuade the executive branch from other expansions of its authority, prevent the transfer of billions in debt payments to all taxpayers, and prevent this authority from being spuriously activated in the future,” said Nicholas Johns, Policy and Government Affairs manager of National Taxpayers Union.

Syndicated with permission from The Center Square.

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  • 🥰CHRISTrump and all our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen🥰

  • Good Deal......When Barry Sotero implemented that scam, the DIMs failed again to listen to the taxpayers who knew he did not have the right to make such a promise and also it was a fraud to deceive the taxpayers as to who would pay these deceptive loans they knew were coming their way...Sure enough Big Whopper Joe looking for votes and special interest money was at the front of pulling off the part of this scam and now he is in step as being the bald-faced liar he has been for the last 50 years......Why not have those suckers who wanted big gov money apply to the DNCommunist party for relief???

  • THIS is BS! I paid my way thru a junior college, and WE paid off my wife's student loans (four year university). The whinybutts now want everyone else to pay off theirs. Just WHO TF signed those loan papers when they got those loans?! THIS is BS!

  • If the company's ( Banks ) were not truthful to the person as to the terms of the loan, the amount to be paid back , Interest etc, then the Bank should be liable for parts of the loan, ( Interest forgiveness ect ) but not the taxpayer that did not gain or benefit, anything from the loans.

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