Republican Alabama Senate Hopeful Mo Brooks Wants To ‘Fire Mitch McConnell’

On Monday, Alabama Republican congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mo Brooks unveiled his campaign effort to “fire” GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Brooks, who is endorsed by Donald Trump, said in a press release that he wants “other conservatives around the country” to sign the pledge to oust the long-time GOP leader that some conservatives view as too soft and conciliatory with Democrats.

In a new campaign ad, Brooks explained why McConnell has to go:

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Brooks says his race is about ‘Trump and the MAGA agenda versus Mitch McConnell’

Brooks said, “Mitch McConnell likes fighting Trump more than he likes fighting Democrats. The entire time President Trump was in office, McConnell repeatedly undermined President Trump, refused to build the Wall, refused to investigate 2020 voter fraud and election theft, and refused to stand up to the Russia Hoax.”

“McConnell hates Trump, hates the candidates Trump has endorsed, hates the MAGA agenda, hates principled conservatives, and hates the House Freedom Caucus,” Brooks contended.

“This race is not about me,” he continued. “It’s about Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda versus Mitch McConnell and the bought and paid for special interest agenda.”

Brooks thinks conservatives must choose.

“It is time for conservatives to choose sides,” Brooks said. “In 2017, McConnell spent more than ten million dollars lying about me and my record. Now he’s at it again. This time he’s even more determined because President Trump has endorsed me.”

Brooks claimed that McConnell is unpopular.

“Worse yet, according to Real Clear Politics polling data, Mitch McConnell is far and away the most unpopular politician in Washington,” he said. “Republicans must have as one of its leading spokesmen someone who is believable. Mitch McConnell simply does not cut it.”

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Trump Souring On Brooks?

The Washington Examiner reported in mid-March that Trump may not be entirely pleased with his endorsement of Brooks, calling him “disappointing.”

He may even be considering changing his endorsement: “I’m determining right now, has Mo Brooks — has he changed?”

Other candidates in the race include Katie Britt and Mike Durant. 

At issue for Trump was a campaign rally last August in which Brooks urged voters to move on from 2020 and focus on 2022 and 2024.

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