Report: Trump To Sign Order Sending Asylum Seekers Here In The US To Guatemala

In the last year, tens of thousands of migrants have sought asylum in the US, according to The New Yorker. The US currently has a backlog of about one million cases in immigration courts.

The word “asylum” has been thrown around very loosely in this whole mess. According to liberals, everyone is a “refugee” by their definition. President Trump should make it clear that asylum should strictly be only given upon the definition determined by the UN, which is a real threat of persecution based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, etc., in their own home country, as defined by the UN, which I don’t think fits a majority of these people who are coming because they are just poor. Poverty alone does not necessarily mean they should be classified as refugees.

A draft of the deal reportedly obtained by The New Yorker says that people seeking asylum from any country who arrive at US ports of entry or are apprehended while crossing between ports of entry could be sent to seek asylum in Guatemala instead.

The US must give asylum seekers a chance to bring their claims before authorities by law. Under the new agreement, asylum seekers wouldn’t have a chance to make their case in the US — instead, any asylum seekers, not only Central Americans, could be sent to Guatemala.

The deal, if signed, would be the latest move by the Trump Administration to limit immigrants entering into the US. On Friday, President Trump released a slew of tweets saying that his immigration deal with Mexico included secret concessions. Trump threatened tariffs on Mexican imports if the country didn’t act to slow the flow of Central American migrants from its border.

It is unclear if Guatemala could truly absorb this kind of volume. Trump has attempted to reach a similar agreement with Mexico, even though many immigration activists say that its legal system could not handle the responsibility. The potential agreement with Guatemala goes even further than proposals with Mexico, even though more people are leaving the country than any other in the same part of Central America. The country is coping with poverty, corruption, crime, and climate change which has made large parts of it unlivable. [Business Insider]

That’s what I don’t get. There are stable countries in Latin America they flee to countries that have a common language and similar culture. Why do they need to come up here?


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Has anyone else noticed that the Trump Administration is the only one attempting to solve this serious illegal immigration crisis masking as asylum cases? While the Democrats sit there on their rear ends and only complain about what he’s doing. Shame on the Dems for not attempting to work with the Trump administration to work something out.

Here’s an idea. Why not just have those seeking asylum apply at our embassy in their home country instead? Why send them anywhere? Tell them no more seeking asylum at our border, and all asylum seekers must petition in their home countries. I realize that in some cases where violence may be involved with them seeking asylum, and that issue may have to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

President Trump has done more the immigration problems than Bush, Clinton, and Obama combined. Let me know if I have missed anyone.

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  • Yet I've heard in at least 2 separate instances, women were fleeing domestic violence by their partner! While that is certainly a bad situation and may be deadly if he is in a gang, she is not a refugee! Yet she drags kids over a dangerous journey to get here...and I would be willing to get you good American $$ that she sends pesos back to him when she gets here, at least until he manages to get here.

  • Let's give Trump 8 years and see what the numbers are. And, BTW, you should dig a little deeper into Oblamer's real deportation statistics:

    "..that statistic is somewhat misleading, as a significant portion of it was due to a change in the way “deportations” are defined that began during the Bush administration, not in the actual number of persons turned out of the U.S. As the Los Angeles Times noted, if not for that change in definition about what constitutes a “deportation,” the Obama administration likely would not have been a record-setting one in this area:".


  • He did nothing to try to stop the problem, and with his snail's pace economy we didn't have the volume trying to come in. Plus, Obama counted - in his deportation numbers - people turned around at the border...which is also something no other president has done.

  • The word “asylum” is very loosely misused; according to liberals, EVERYONE is a “refugee” by their definition.
    Make it clear, in campaign speeches, in Ad, print and email pleas for contributions,
    Asylum definition: Noun (determined by the UN): a real threat of persecution based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs in their own home country

  • I believe the Demecratic party are trying to erase our Constitution and Bill of Rights, maybe we are going to start voting smarter or go and protect our own borders. I pray that the Lord gives us wisdom .

  • Just keep going Liberal's,keep letting the "Cancer" in until every one in the US has your New World agenda of dirt roads and donkeys.

  • President Trump has done more the immigration problems than Bush, Clinton, and Obama combined. Let me know if I have missed anyone. Obama did deport over 3 million which no other President has, so far.

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