Report: Trump Made Get-Well Call to Jerry Nadler While He Was In Hospital

While President Trump has a no holds barred approach to politics, he is quite often, behind the scenes, a man with a big heart. It’s something that is rarely reported by the media.

One such story, however, has leaked out.

Yahoo News reveals that the President phoned New York Rep. Jerry Nadler – the man who has continually called for his impeachment – to see how he was doing following a health scare that landed him in the hospital.

Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, appeared to faint during a press conference held inside a school gymnasium in Manhattan in May.

The congressman was okay but taken to a local hospital as a precautionary measure where he stayed overnight.

Lo and behold, President Trump called Nadler from Air Force One as he was traveling to Japan, wishing the Congressman well and repeatedly describing him as “tough.”

“Trump now told Nadler that he had seen him on television, and that he thought Nadler was ‘tough,'” Yahoo explained of the phone call.

“Trump repeated that assessment several times, adding that he wished the congressman well and wanted to know if he could do anything more,” they added. “The two men did not discuss politics or impeachment, according to a person familiar with the call.”

Would Nadler Reciprocate?

It’d be difficult to imagine Nadler returning the kindness to Trump had the roles been reversed.

Nadler has repeatedly pushed the impeachment process and continues to call for further investigation of the President, in spite of a Mueller report that shows the Trump campaign was not involved in collusion with Russia.

The Democrat’s actions prompted the President to lash out at Nadler and the Democrats continued push of “ridiculous bulls***.”

Nadler was even heckled recently for being a “loser” who pursues hoaxes and accomplishes nothing for his party or the American people in general.

It’s more telling of a person with what they do behind the scenes than it is in front of the cameras. Trump is a bada** in front of the media. But he declined to comment about the phone call to Nadler for months, keeping it a private conversation and seeking no praise for doing the polite thing.

Trump v. McCain

This isn’t the first time Trump quietly showed kindness to a political adversary he has savaged publicly.

He had political tensions with the Bush family but ordered Air Force One be used to transport the remains of former President George H.W. Bush to Washington upon his passing, even having seats ripped out of the cabin to accommodate the casket.

And he certainly had his run-ins with the late Senator John McCain, but Lindsey Graham has attested Trump went well out of his way to do the right thing in regards to his services as well.

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