Report: Trump Looking to Double Number of Nations on Travel Ban List

President Trump is reportedly considering a plan to vastly expand the number of nations currently on a travel ban list due to inadequate security measures.

The list – which currently includes Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela, and North Korea – could encompass another seven nations, a move rumored to coincide with the third anniversary of the President’s original January 2017 executive order.

The Associated Press was quick to report that the new countries, though as of yet unidentified, are “a majority of them Muslim.”

The biased framing was later followed by actual reporting which notes the determination for which countries are included in the travel ban is based on security issues.

“The countries on the proposed expansion list include allies that fall short on certain security measures,” the AP wrote, adding “additional restrictions were proposed by Department of Homeland Security officials following a review of security protocols and ‘identity management’ for about 200 countries.

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Ilhan Omar Livid

This might come as a surprise, but Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was not pleased with the news.

“We cannot wait another day to pass the #NoBANAct and #RepealTheBan,” she tweeted. “Refugees fleeing war, persecution, and the effects of climate change depend on it.”

People who are fleeing climate change, eh? I wonder how many refugees actual report that as their reason for trying to enter America.

The travel ban has never been about stopping refugees. It’s always been about blocking nations who harbor and promote terrorist activity from infiltrating legitimate groups of refugees to cause damage to our nation.

“Different Muslim Ban – same xenophobic Administration,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) also interjected. “An expanded Muslim Ban will worsen our relationships with countries around the world.”

Different Democrat, same Ameriphobic reaction.

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Good Time to Expand and Enforce

Daniel Horowitz, the editor at the Conservative Review, explains why the travel ban is an essential policy borne from the events surrounding 9/11, and critical in this era of heightened tensions in the Middle East.

“Iran, or any other nation or terrorist group, can hardly threaten our homeland militarily,” Horowitz writes. “Nations or terror groups can threaten us from within through our porous border and ill-conceived immigration policies.”

“That was the lesson of 9/11 that, 18 years later, Trump has an opportunity to finally apply.”

White House House spokesman Hogan Gidley, while not confirming the plan to expand the list, did offer support for the ban.

“The Travel Ban has been very successful in protecting our Country and raising the security baseline around the world,” Gidley said.

“We do not want to import terrorism or any other national security threat into the United States,” he added.

Nobody should want that. Omar does. Jayapal does. Democrats in general do. But American’s do not.

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