Report: Mom Arrested In China After Selling Twin Sons To Pay Off Credit Card Bills

This woman should never be able to have children ever again or even be around them.

An unidentified woman with the last name “Ma” sold her two newborn twin boys for $9,100 to purchase a new phone and pay off credit card bills. I don’t know if she was on drugs or what her thinking was at the time, but she thought she would get away with it. What a tragedy.

The two boys were sold to two families roughly about 430 miles away from their original birth home.

According to Daily Mail, the mother has been arrested as the children have been recovered and given to their grandparents for safekeeping.

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Police reported the two babies were born premature and were placed in incubators last September. Their mother’s partner didn’t show up for the birth delivery, and his parents didn’t attempt to help them out, so Ma decided to sell the kids to strangers. When asked why she did such a cold, cowardly act, she claimed that she was “penniless and heavily in debt.”

Reading more into the story, Asia One reported that her partner’s family refused to be a part of the couple’s lives because children born before marriage was against their beliefs.


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Even though the partner didn’t want anything to do with the babies, like his parents, he wanted some of the money the birth mother received after selling the children, but she informed him that she had spent it all.

The Cixi, Zhejiang Provence Police, went on a feverish hunt to retrieve the boys and were successful due to numerous leads over the sale of the children.

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Both boys were found with the adoptive parents agreeing to hand them back after officers informed them what had happened. Child trafficking in China carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Families who buy trafficked children can also face jail time, but since they were willing to give back the children with without hesitation, I don’t think they will be charged.

The two photos in this story are of the retrieved boys, along with the rescue team.

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