Report: 12 National Guardsmen Removed From Biden Inauguration For Alleged Ties To Right-Wing Groups

Twelve National Guardsmen have been removed from providing security to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration over alleged ties to 'right-wing' groups.

Twelve National Guardsmen have been removed from providing security to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration over alleged ties to ‘right-wing’ groups.

The Daily Mail reports that officials had deemed the individuals to have had “ties with right-wing militia groups or posted extremist views online.”

No indication was given as to what groups the guardsmen were tied to or what constituted “extremist” views.

CNN’s reporting adds that two of the individuals removed were flagged due to “inappropriate” comments and texts.

The officials noted that there was no actual threat to Biden or plan to disrupt his inauguration ceremony.

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National Guardsmen Removed From Biden Inauguration

The Political Insider reported earlier that Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller had found no evidence of an insider threat to the inauguration.

“While we have no intelligence indicating an insider threat, we are leaving no stone unturned in securing the capital,” Miller said in a statement.

The Associated Press indicated over the weekend that the FBI had been vetting troops due to concerns of insider threats.

Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson indicates the move to purge the Guard of the twelve individuals was made out of an “abundance of caution” and doesn’t necessarily link them to extreme groups or messages.

“I’m not concerned as a large part of our organization, if you look at 25,000, we’ve had 12 identified and some of those they are just looking into, it may be unrelated to this, but we want to make sure out of an abundance of caution as I stated earlier that we do the right thing until that gets cleared up,” Hokanson told reporters.

It sounds an awful lot like anybody who may have shared conservative-themed opinions online are being targeted.

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An Insult to the Guard

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted the vetting process for the National Guard members tasked with protecting the inauguration as “offensive” and added he would never authorize Texas Guard members to work in D.C. again if they are “disrespected like this.”

It’s impossible to see a report involving National Guardsmen being removed from inauguration security over “inappropriate” texts in-part due to an FBI investigation, without realizing the irony in how the bureau played a pivotal role in allowing leftists take down Trump’s presidency.

And people like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page did so through inappropriate text messages.

Can you imagine what might have been if the FBI vetted their own people and purged them from working on any case involving the President of the United States, if say, they were found to have texted something along the lines of taking him out with an “insurance policy“?

You know, an actual threat?

Perhaps had the FBI removed left-wing extremists from their own ranks, President Trump wouldn’t have had his entire term in office marred by those engaging in actual ‘sedition.’

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