Rep. Jim Jordan, House Oversight and Reform ranking member called out Rep. Elijah Cummings, Chairman, by sending him a letter demanding the release of a non-public memo that he and Rep. Maxine Waters wrote up in regards to their strategy to go after President Trump.

That takes a strong person with a spine of steel to do this and Jordan is just that patriot. He strongly urged Cummings to release this secret Memorandum with Waters to shed light on both using congressional oversight to go after the Trump administration.

This is crazy! It looks as if Cummings and Waters are conspiring or can we use the Democrat’s word, colluding to subvert the president in coordinated attacks. I should think this can be seen as illegal and better yet; they could face charges from the Justice Department. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

You have sought to avoid public scrutiny of your quest to obtain the President’s financial information. First, you wrote to Mazars in secret to request the President’s financial information; second, you executed a nonpublic MOU to coordinate with Chairwoman Waters; and finally, you broke your promise to hold a public business meeting to debate a subpoena to Mazars. Your nonpublic MOU has now become a matter of significant public interest due to your unprecedented actions.

In the interest of promoting the utmost transparency about the Committee’s business, I encourage you to release publicly your MOU with Chairwoman Waters and any other signed or unsigned MOUs that you have entered into so that the American people can understand the extent to which you and other Democrat chairpersons are engaged in an orchestrated effort to attack the President for political gain.

Here is the letter from Jordan:

Rep. Jordan revealed that Cummings didn’t reveal anything about the memo until he raised the issue with the Maryland Representative. Cummings also didn’t respond to Jordan’s request in April nor has he released anything to the public.

I’ll have to admit; this is fun to watch, Democrats keep stepping on their own feet, blaming everybody else who ever lived, or will ever live. They are attempting to eviscerate Trump’s civil rights, everything the Constitution protects us from. They are disgusting people, and their voters enable this.

Jordan is one of the very few in Congress who does his job. I put more faith in him than I do any elected official in DC. He has more integrity in his fingernail clippings than the entire Democrat Party combined. He’s a solidly good man!

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