Rep. Jim Jordan Says Trump Should Not Concede: ‘Instinctively Everyone Knows’ The Election Is Flawed

House Freedom Caucus founding member and Republican Congressman Jim Jordan said Tuesday that President Donald Trump should not concede the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

The Ohio Republican made his comments on Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda.”

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Jordan Says Too Many Americans See The Election As Flawed

Anchor Heather Childers said to Jordan regarding the President, “I know that you agree he should not concede.”

Jordan replied, “No of course not and you remember this is a president gets things done.”

“This is a president who does what he told the American people he was going to do, accomplishes what he was elected to do, and this is just one more example of him getting something done that’s valuable and important to the country,” Jordan said.

Jordan then explained that Trump should not concede the presidential election because there is widespread sentiment that the process was significantly flawed.

Rep. Jordan: Trump ‘Should Not Concede’

“He should not concede,” Jordan said of Trump. “Everyone knows, instinctively everyone knows there are problems with this election.”

“I mean you can look at the fact you know 75 million people, 75 million people, he increased his total by ten to 11 million,” Jordan said. “We won 27 out of 27 toss-up states.”

Jordan then rattled off Republicans’ election successes. 

“He increases his votes with Hispanic Americans, African-Americans,” Jordan said. “State legislatures that Republicans control we kept all those plus, increase those numbers.”

“You can just go down the line, he won 19 of the 20 bellwether counties,” Jordan continued. “He won Ohio by eight, Florida by three yet somehow he doesn’t win. So we know we need to look at all this.”

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‘Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This For The Well-being Of The Country’

Congressman Jordan urged Trump and Republicans to wait and see how it “all shakes out.”

“There is a number of lawsuits that are pending, the one that was filed in Texas today regarding several states,” Jordan said. “Let’s see how that all shakes out.”

“Let’s get to the bottom of this for the well being of the country,” he finished.

President Trump’s campaign, states like Texas, and others are currently litigating the election in several states, and the Supreme Court.

The national media and fact-checkers insist that there is no substance to any claims about voter or election fraud.

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