Rep James Clyburn Takes Walter Scott Shooting to New Level! Guess Who He’s Blaming?

walter scott

Here comes the first of the old race hustlers.

If the video captured murder of South Carolina native Walter Scott, 50, wasn’t enough, Democratic Congressman James Clyburn blamed the conservative group ALEC for creating a dangerous climate where things like the shooting of Walter Scott could happen during an interview with MSNBC Chris Matthews last night.

Clyburn told Matthews that American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) drawing up legislation like stand your ground–– “legislation that gives a license for people to be vigilantes”–– voter ID and “unfair redistricting plans” are “a cancer” contributing to this climate.

“The climate that’s being created is not a good climate,” he said, “and that’s why you have these rogue police officers feeling they have license to do what they want to do and there will be no consequences paid for it.”

From everything I have read, S.C. Police Department and District Attorney have done a good job with a bad hand so far. Perhaps hustlers and race baiters such as Clyburn, Holder, Sharpton, and NAACP might just be well advised to sit this one out, and allow justice to take its course. It appears so far the local and State government have done a good job. Let them do their job.

Watch the following video:

Voter ID laws or Stand your Ground did not have anything, nothing to do with this shooting and anyone that tries to make political capital off of that frankly should be thrown out of office.

H/T – Roland Martin

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