Rep. Frederica Wilson: People Who Make Fun of Congress Online Should Be Prosecuted

With a 20 percent approval rating for Congress, there’d be a lot of prosecutions.

Democratic Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, after inspecting an immigrant detention facility in Homestead, Florida Tuesday, announced that anyone critical of members of Congress online ought to be prosecuted.

Wilson’s comments come in the wake of a report exposing a vulgar Facebook page involving current and former border patrol agents who were highly critical of some pro-illegal immigrant lawmakers such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Jail Those Who Mock Congress

She vowed to fight the private Facebook page and criminally charge those involved.

“Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace and there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable,” said Wilson.

“We’re gonna shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted,” she announced. “You cannot intimidate members of Congress, frighten members of Congress. It is against the law, and it’s a shame in this United States of America.”

Those ‘intimidating’ efforts involved suggestions to hit “Ocasio-Cortez and Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar with burritos as they visit CBP facilities,” and they were made in a private Facebook group.

Wilson Mocks Trump

Does making fun of a sitting President count as a prosecutable offense?

In 2018, when Wilson publicized a private conversation between Trump and a Gold Star widow, she lashed out by calling him “crazy” and declared he had “a brain disorder.”


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Previously she had asserted that “the president is desperate for attention and needs psychological help.”

What Else Did She Say

After suggesting citizens poking fun at members of Congress should be prosecuted, Wilson pivoted to attacking the Trump administration’s handling of illegal immigrants, something she failed to criticize when Barack Obama was in office and doing the same exact things.

“This administration has shown a blatant disregard for the mental and physical health of children in custody,” she whined. “They’re spending weeks, and even months, in detention conditions that are tantamount to living under house arrest. We are upset about it.”

Maybe they’re in facilities tantamount to house arrest because … well, they broke the law.

With stupid comments like that, she’ll need to prosecute a lot of people.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Let's add Wilson's buddy Maxine Waters to the lock-up for her attacks on Trump and calling for 'in your face' attacks on Republicans.

  • then omar and the rest of them should be locked, they are always going on about trump, to me, that sounds like treason.

  • they should be required to pass a brain test, to see if they have one, also a civility test, to see if they care for the country.

  • Frederica Wilson should be prosecuted for being stupid and impersonating a smart Clown

  • Damn pinko commie trash should be drawn and quartered on general principle.

    Congress needs to remember they are employees not the damn boss.

  • Sorry Frederick, but the Congress represents the poeple,yet where have they been when Obamba was busy trampling on citizens Rights, Wrecking our country for ,..as we now know ,..for his One World Order Scheme. All to enslave the World , using Islamic Muslims, illegals to Invade our country,besides Europe. Ask the Europeons how thats working out?
    No secret, some in Congress are Anti-America, support illegals into our Country. They've been passing Laws giving illegals benefits, Welfare,Medical,Education,right up to Fully Paid College for illegals over Citizens to the best Universities and golleges in our Country. Many in Congress should be in Prison. Thats NO secret.

  • And WHY do we pay for Presidents and Vice Presidents for the rest of their lives? These people are multi-millionaires, they do NOT deserve a pension for 4 or 8 years in office, and they need to pay for their own extravagant lifestyles! And that goes for these BULLSHIITE presidential libraries too.

  • Frederica Wilson should be prosecuted for falsely claiming to be an American. She is a fraud ! Hispanic hoe !

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