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Remember Guy Who Walked 21-Miles To Work EVERYDAY? He Just Made A SHOCKING Announcement!


No city is tougher to live in than Detroit. High crime rates and endless poverty has spread everywhere thanks to Democrat policies.

But hard work pays off. In Obama’s America, too many people believe they are “owed” something. But this man – James Robertson – at age 57, walked 21 miles to work (to and from) every day!

His story was so inspirational that it went viral last year.

Thanks to donations, his more than 5 hour-long commute has been reduced to a 12 minute drive. But now, he made an incredible announcement: After receiving thousands of dollars in donations, he will still work as hard as he ever has:

James Robertson suddenly had a pile of unearned cash — about $360,000. It poured into three GoFundMe pages on the Internet and kept coming, 24/7, until the humble factory worker said after a week “that’s enough” and the pages were shut down.

Now, just more than a year after the Free Press first told the world about Robertson, dubbed “the Walking Man,” this soft-spoken baseball fan is finding that his windfall and free car make life a lot easier, more relaxing, more fun. Obviously.

“I love this car,” he said, taking a reporter for a recent spin in his still-shiny 2015 Ford Taurus, a car he chose because, as he famously said, “It’s like me — simple on the outside, durable on the inside.”

He works at Schain Mold and Engineering, where he operates an injection-molding machine. And he will NOT be retiring anytime soon!

In part because he prizes his friendships at work, Robertson isn’t likely to retire anytime soon.

“People ask me why I still work. I don’t change that for no one!” he said, almost fiercely.

His boss confirmed his work ethic:

“His attendance has never faltered, not one day,” plant manager Todd Wilson said recently. “That money, none of it changed him one bit. James is still one of the most loving, caring people I know.”

What an inspirational story!

Hard work is important. Life is tough, but we have it better in America than many other people. Instead of counting on welfare, we need to get out there and do our best, everyday!

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