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These Reasons Why Conservatives Want Voter ID Law Will Amaze You! MUST SEE

voter ID

You need an ID to apply for a job, open up a bank account, enter a government building, and drive a car.

So why not also check the IDs of voters?

It makes sense that voter ID laws prevent fraud, because it makes it a bigger challenge for people trying to steal the election. Especially since so many states have relaxed their absentee ballot laws, preventing fraud is more important than ever.

It’s clear that ID’s should always be checked before ballots are cast, especially in the 2016 presidential election:

President Obama has been unable to fill a seat on the Supreme Court for six months, but his lower court appointments could help swing the presidential election to his chosen successor.

Judges named by Obama to federal appellate and district courts overseeing North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin have in recent months voted to strike down restrictions on voting imposed by Republican legislatures. In Michigan and North Carolina, his Supreme Court nominees helped block efforts to restore the restrictions for this fall’s elections.

The rulings could help hundreds of thousands of voters — mostly minorities who vote Democratic — get to the polls in November by removing impediments such as photo IDs and making it easier to register and vote.

“These decisions certainly demonstrate the critical importance of having a Democrat in the White House,” says Nan Aron, president of the liberal Alliance for Justice. “These laws are transparent in intent, to harass and suppress the vote in states across the country.”

In states where Obama’s judges have had less influence in voting rights cases — such as Ohio and Virginia — courts have left restrictions on voting in place.

Via USA Today

voter ID

Democrats have stolen elections before. With the momentum on Donald Trump’s side, we must watch out for tactics used by an increasingly-desperate Clinton campaign.

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