Mom Of NSA Leaker Says She’s Scared NSA Will ‘Make Her Disappear’

Reality Leigh Winner, the 25-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran who was caught leaking top secret government intelligence to the press, is reportedly completely paranoid that the government has in it for her.

Winner’s mother told CBS News that her daughter told her she’s scared they’ll “make her disappear”:

“I know that she’s scared. She is scared that they won’t let her out,” mother Billie-Jean Davis said.


“Her words to me were that she was really scared that they would make her disappear,” Davis said.

Winner faces up to 10 years in prison for allegedly leaking classified NSA documents to The Intercept. She was denied bond after pleading not guilty in Augusta, Ga. on Thursday.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Winner’s parents don’t think their daughter is a traitor. In fact, her stepfather called her “a patriot”:

“She’s a patriot,” stepfather Gary Davis said. He said the charges she’s facing are an insult to her and her service.

“She served her nation with distinguished honor.  And that’s who Reality Winner is. It’s not the person that’s being portrayed. She is a winner,” Gary said. “She’s, she’s our winner. So…”

“She’s my winner,” Davis said.

As for Winner’s mother, she’s worried that the government will make an example out of her daughter:

“I’m terrified. I’m terrified that she’s not going to be treated fairly and that they’re going to try to make an example of her and that’s not fair. Sorry,” Davis said, crying.

Winner has a plan, though — she’ll just play the white card:

What a winner.

Do you think Reality Winner is a traitor? Share your thoughts below!


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  • Too smirky for cute.

    As for her mother, you can understand her overreaction. You'd probably overreact too, if it were your child in trouble. You'd let your anxiety run wild and paranoia would set in. You've probably already been questioned at length by the FBI yourself. You've visited her in jail. Your daughter seems to be selling it for all its worth, so she's almost certainly exaggerating the situation to her parents. You've talked to the lawyer, whose giving you too much scary information and too little reassurance.

  • this so called 'patriot' was NOT an air force officer. She was , upon discharge, a senior airman. She was also in the security branch, she served as a translator and crypto-analyst.
    In civilian speak, she went to language school for 10 - 16 months, then OJT in security, and she read and or listen to arabic newspapers, emails, radio, tv and videos.
    When I was A/D army, I began in the ASA , also went to the DLAT school (defence language) and severed as a translator and crypto-analyst. my language was mandarin, and I focused on china.
    having served, I know just how many oaths she broke, how many laws she broke, and how corrupted she ended up. Nothing she says, nothing she does can be trusted. A word of warning. To be trained in this fashion by the military, one must have an IQ of at least 125 and higher. She is not stupid, however she is dangerous and will play y'all like a trout if she can.

  • Was benedict arnold a traitor? He was caught carrying secret plans to a fort he never managed to pass along.
    this stupid woman, who claimed she was 'too cute' to be prosecuted successfully is a mindless fool. her lack of intelligence is combined with her puffy face, her pale eyes and her complete lack of a conscience. She claims she is of like mind with isis, assorted taliban leaders and their goals, which include, the destruction of the USA. Her nit wit step father, in his 20 seconds of notoriety claims she is a patriot? That may be true, but a patriot to what nation. her diary makes it clear.
    She supports the nation of islam, the caliphate on earth.
    Now she claims the US government is going to make her disappear.
    Lets honor her wishes, lets allow her to dress for court, and then simply put her on board a plane bound for anywhere north and east of Damascus and let this raging intellect the option of joining her treasured fighters for god. I would predict her life expectancy would have a markedly lower expectancy than here in the USA. good riddance to bad trash. (p.s. allow her parents to accompany her, and share her future. I am sick of this moronic snowflakes who remain clueless about the concepts of right and wrong!)

  • Frankly, she's guilty of abuse of privilege, abuse of classified material etc, etc! But, There is , in my opinion, a prerequisite to her prosecution and that is the prosecution of Hillery Clinton and Barack Obama et.al, Otherwise, let her be re-educated in the American Constitution and instruction in the absolute degradation of the Progressive movement.

  • The criminal justice system needs to "make an example" out of Reality Leigh Winner. She is a traitor at worst and at the best she has committed a security breach by accessing/downloading/copying documents for which she had no "need to know", which is the standard for any level of clearance in both the military and government. This kind of behavior needs to be nipped in the bud, as there are way too many members of the #resistance out there just waiting to do this kind of thing to damage the Trump administration. If she really does "disappear", good riddance.

    Phil in TX

  • Many of us have served and risked our lives to protect this country. Anyone and I mean anyone from clerks to politicians who endanger our nation needs to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law regardless of popular opinion and news casts.

  • I'm afraid this will be another case of a shyster lawyer getting her a slap on the wrist with a ploy that should be outlawed..a plea bargain (pay for no stay).

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