Democrat leaders and lawmakers are pushing back against newly-elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s “motherf*****” comments.

Tlaib spoke at a MoveOn rally in Washington, D.C., last night where she ended her speech saying, “We’re gonna impeach the motherf*****.” It’s an obvious reference to President Donald Trump.

As you can see in the video above, her audience loved the comment. However, Democrat leaders and lawmakers pushing back against Tlaib’s comments.

Rachel Bade of Politico reports Jim Costa told her the Tlaib’s comments are “inappropriate.” He would add, “As elected officials I think we should be expected to set a high bar…It’s not helpful.”

Bade also notes that California representative Brad Sherman who introduced articles of impeachment against Donald Trump was shocked by Tlaib’s comments.

Costa would tell CNN reporter Manu Raju, “It’s inappropriate. We can have our differences but we set a higher standard.” However, Al Green seemed to echo Tlaib’s statement telling Raju, “I’m absolutely convinced that impeachment is not dead.”

Long-time Democrat leader Elijah Cummings, who directs the Oversight Committee, also pushed back on Tlaib saying, “Those kind of comments do not take us in the right direction.”

Cummings would also tell CNN reporter Elizabeth Landers, “You can not accomplish much of anything unless you have civility and show respect for your colleagues. I think those kind of comments do not take us in the right direction…they are inappropriate.”

Despite the pushback from a number of Democratic leaders, Rashida Tlaib doubled down in a statement released by her office:

“Congresswoman Tlaib was elected to shake up Washington, not continue the status quo. Donald Trump is completely unfit to serve as President. The Congresswoman absolutely believes he needs to be impeached. She ran and won by making this very clear to the voters in her district. Donald Trump’s actions have harmed the 13th Congressional District and this country, and Congresswoman Tlaib will not stay silent while this happens. In an op-ed published Thursday morning, the Congresswoman laid out why she believes Donald Trump should be impeached.”

When confronted about her comments, however, Rep. Tlaib refused to address them:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler told CNN, “I don’t really like that kind of language, but more to the point, I disagree with what she said. It is too early to talk about that intelligently. We have to follow the facts…Maybe it will lead to impeachment, maybe it won’t. ”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Tlaib, who has become a magnet for controversy outside of her off-color remarks. Tlaib’s office has a post-it that reads “Palestine.” The post-it note covers up Israel’s location on a world map.

A number of people have taken this to mean Tlaib is an anti-Semite.

What do you make of Tlaib’s comments? Do you think she represents the majority of Democrats? Do you think the pushback by Democrat leaders will amount to anything or are they just trying to put out some damage control? What did you make of Tlaib’s doubling down on her comments?

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