Rashida Tlaib Attacks Detroit Police’s Facial Recognition Tool and They Responded

If Rep. Rashida Tlaib is opposed to it then it must be a very good tool for apprehending criminals and terrorists.

The Detroit Police Department called out Rep. Rashida Tlaib for making prejudgments about their real-time crime center software and challenged her to view it before making outlandish statements.

Tlaib is right out of the liberal playbook. She wants security and law and order, but she doesn’t want the police to do their jobs. Sort of like Obama’s Terms of Engagement policy in Afghanistan and Iraq. The liberal mindset is this: I want to lose weight, but I’m not going to give up junk food. So I will sue the junk food companies because I’m obese.

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The Detroit Police Department tweeted, “Before you criticize the software, come to our Real Time Crime Center to see how we @detroitpolice responsibly use it in efforts to identify criminals involved in violent crimes. Let’s set a date.”


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Tlaib responded with this tweet:

This tense minor exchange occurs as lawmakers around the nation voice have voiced concerns about law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology and whether it infringes on individuals’ privacy.

In May, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to prohibit facial recognition used by its local law enforcement and other city agencies.

As the Detroit Police Department utilizes the facial recognition technology, the city charter specifies that the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners has to approve a policy on how it should be operated.

It seems that Tlaib does not like a tool that will help capture criminals. The only people who were against this technology would be a criminal.

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Police: “Tlaib, did you know your phone has an app for facial recognition?” Tlaib: “yeah, I downloaded it and tried it on me, it just made the sound flatulence, then shuts off. I can’t turn it back on…”

Bernie Sanders and Tlaib are just afraid that the technology will identify half of their voting base as criminals. She should just be happy someone actually invited her somewhere instead of banning her from being there. Still banned from ever stepping foot on any of my property.

The same people who are crying “foul” about a Fourth Amendment issue and protecting criminals are the same ones who have no issue destroying the Second Amendment as it pertains to non-criminal citizens.

We REALLY need to get back to teaching American history and civics in school again.

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  • At least the police do thier job which is more than I can say for the squad ,AOC, Talib, Presley and Omar get out of office untill you grow up act your age not your shoe size

  • The Law Officials are going to identify her face at some serious crime scene, hence she won't pitch.!!

  • DETROIT, I really thought and wanted to buy American, but after seeing the squad in action and voice, I've decided to buy German. Get rid of the squad and I'll buy a Ford, GM or Dodge.

  • I will personally pay for her 1 way ticket to Iran or North Korea or anywhere else that she chooses to go to permanently.

  • POLICE, don't invite her or any others in the squad to see your tools for fighting crime. They will simply give away all the tools and knowledge to the criminals

  • This mother f...er thinks she knows it all and immediately attacks the police for doing their job. Her state is infested with serious crimes caused mostly by her kind and the truth is she is against the equipment and software that enables to identify the culprits fast and accurate

  • In addition, convicted criminals already have their mug shots available for viewing by the general public. For example, search your neighborhood for Sex Offenders and child molesters and you may recognize one of your neighbors. Facial recognition is readily available with use of the many cameras around the neighborhoods and within metro areas. London, for example has a huge network of them which are utilized in law enforcement, and quite useful. Facial recognition software takes it another step forward in my opinion. It's just using technology to exceed former limitations.

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