Randi Weingarten Proves Ignorance of How Government Works in SCOTUS Meltdown

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It’s become fashionable to feign outrage over this or that in today’s society. The louder you scream and act as though whatever you are against is personally destroying you, the stronger your message appears to the gullible left of this country.

Not one to be left out, the President of the American Federation of Teachers and, for all intents and purposes, one of our nation’s ‘top educators’ Randi Weingarten, put on a bit of performance outrage earlier this week on one of the left’s favorite stages – outside the Supreme Court. So what has Randi’s gears grinding this time?

The nerve of some states to challenge President Joe Biden’s executive overreach to forgive student loans. Who do these people think they are, questioning the validity of the executive branch to override the authority of Congress?!

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Talk About Pissed Off

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program. So naturally, Randi was distraught.

She even tells us, “frankly, this is what really pisses me off. During the pandemic, we understood that small businesses were hurting, and we helped them, and it didn’t go to the Supreme Court to challenge it.” Randi spits some ire at one of the left’s favorite boogeymen, “Big businesses were hurting, and we helped them, and it didn’t go to the Supreme Court to challenge it.”

Are you referring to the same big businesses that employ the law grads, business grads, and computer science grads that are needlessly requesting student loan forgiveness, those same big businesses, Randi? But I digress.

She sputtered, “All of a sudden, when it’s about our students, they challenge it, the corporations challenge it, the student loan lenders challenge it.” Ah yes, those big bad corporations and lenders, sitting in their dark back rooms plotting to stop young, bright-eyed students from having to make good on promises they make to pay back loans they took out.

“That is that not right, that is not fair, and that is what we are fighting as well when we say cancel student debt,” Randi incoherently blabbered.

 Oh, Randi, if only your expensive law degree had included courses on the roles of the three branches of our federal government.

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Some Remedial Constitutional Law

Student loan forgiveness has long been discussed as something that Congress would have to enact for a simple reason, they control the purse strings and make the laws of our land. Yet, with the swipe of a pen, the Biden administration is attempting to circumvent Congress to forgive $10,000 in federal student loans for those who make less than $125,000 a year and households that make less than $250,000 a year.

Not long ago, even the left, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, acknowledged that the President of the United States does not have this authority. However, Team Biden says they do, thanks to the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act. The HEROES Act was intended to provide temporary student loan relief for military members deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s unsurprising that Uncle Joe has no qualms about utilizing something meant for the military to score cheap political points – but again, I digress. The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that this ‘relief’ would cost American taxpayers $400 billion over three years if enacted.

Now, let’s put aside the obvious arguments that this is indeed not fair to those of us who opted not to take out student loans but join the military to get our education, take out loans for equipment for our small businesses, or the fact that some argue this bill would just be tacked onto the National debt there is a larger argument that is not based on emotion in this mess. What Randi knows damn good and well is that Congress passed the COVID business relief packages, which is why the states didn’t sue.

However, the Constitution doesn’t mean much to people like Randi.

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Please Randi, Spare me

In Randi’s emotional performance, she dropped this winner of a line, “This is about the people, and it is about the people’s future, and it is about all of your futures.” You don’t care about the people, Randi; you don’t care about our futures, and you surely don’t care about our children’s futures.

If you did, you wouldn’t have advocated and continued to support school closures during the COVID pandemic. If you did, you wouldn’t be advocating for lowering standards and pushing harmful ideologies in public schools across this country.

In Baltimore City Public Schools, 93% of third through eighth graders cannot perform mathematics at grade level. Likewise, the Department of Education found that in 55 Chicago public schools, not one student, not one is proficient in either mathematics or reading.

You don’t give a damn about the people, Randi, you only care about your agenda, and that has nothing to do with the future of this country but with your self-interests. On MSNBC, Randi said in a bit more of a measured tone, “I see it as a moral issue. I mean, the Republicans are making it…the states are making it a political issue.”

I see the sorry state of our education system, that American children of all backgrounds are graduating high school unable to read or do basic math as a moral issue, and so do many other parents like me. 

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True Colors

Randi said on MSNBC, “Everything else about COVID that small businesses got, that big businesses got, the states didn’t sue.” She said, “Why are they suing about individuals who really need it?”

Randi is either feigning ignorance of the legal system and government system we live in or is using her platform to assume Americans don’t understand it. I’m not sure which option is worse.

However, perhaps more telling is her obvious disdain for those in the business community. Her comment wreaks of assuming small and big businesses didn’t deserve the relief they received from Congress during COVID.

But to argue that individuals making three-figure jobs as lawyers, doctors, and consultants need student loan forgiveness more than the small business owner forced into ill-advised business constraints from the US government during the pandemic is disgusting. Randi said, “When, all of a sudden, did college not become something we wanted kids to do?”

Randi, it wasn’t all of a sudden; it was because of you. Most students aren’t prepared for college, thanks to people like you.

Case in point, 47% of New York high school graduates require remedial math courses to function in the City University of New York’s community college system. It’s not that I don’t want my children to go to college, but I certainly don’t want them educated by people like you.

Careful, Randi, your privilege is showing—the privilege of being owned by left-wing ideological interests.

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