Rand Paul Wants to Simplify Your Tax Returns And He Proves it in This Video – WATCH!


Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul wants his feelings to be known about the tax code. He wants to kill it. His campaign released a video that opens with the Kentucky Senator making his intentions clear.

“Hey, I’m Rand Paul, and I’m trying to kill the tax code — all 70,000 pages of it”

In the video, Senator Paul decimates the 70,000 pages with fire, a woodchipper, and a chainsaw as a Rock-n-Roll version of the Star Spangled banner plays. Watch:

Last month, Paul presented his plan for a flat tax of 14.5%, reducing tax returns to a one-paged hassle. He views the current monstrosity of the tax code to be unsalvageable due to its size and corrupt and complicated nature, Politico reported.

Paul’s new “Fair and Flat Tax,” crafted with the help of the Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer, the famous father of “supply-side” economics, would cover capital gains, rents, salaries, and individual wages. It would also preserve charity and mortgage deductions. Paul claimed it would amount to a $2 trillion tax cut and spur a GDP boost of 10 percent over 10 years while creating “at least 1.4 million new jobs.”

Americans dread April 15th, not only because of the money they have to fork over to the government, but because tax returns can be so painfully complicated that they are time consuming or costly to prepare. Reducing it to one page may resound well with Republican primary voters.

How would you kill the tax code? Please comment below.

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