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Paul said the neocons “always want to stay at war. They always think it’s the best answer.”

‘I think President Trump recognizes what President Reagan recognized’

“But I would say this,” Paul said. “I think President Trump recognizes what President Reagan recognized, unfortunately too late, in Beirut. Leaving three or 400 people in an area that is vulnerable could lead to catastrophe, but also doesn’t really do anything to secure our national security.”

Paul explained that he believes the U.S. should either intervene militarily heavily in foreign countries or not at all.

“You know, I’m kind of the belief go big — go big or go home.,” the senator said. “You know, 200 or 300 people are just a trip wire to get us drawn into something and a tragedy probably, but they aren’t enough to do anything.”


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“In fact, there may be a couple of — there may be dozens of people at a time — maybe a dozen here, dozen there,” Paul continued. “They aren’t enough to deter anything. And part of the resolution of the war over there has to be people who live over there.”

Paul then outlined why it’s so difficult to try to manage the region.

“The Turks live over there. The Syrians live over there,” Paul said. “And we have — they have apparently come to an agreement. There’s about three million Syrian refugees in Turkey. You know, they’re going to try to get some of those people back into Syria. And they have to have an area — a zone where they can control that.”

It’s not ‘U.S.’s responsibility to fight every war and find every peace’

“I think that the best answer is, is that we don’t have all the answers and that the people who live there are always going to have more of a stake in the game, and we need to not think that it’s always the U.S.’s responsibility to fight every war and find every peace,” Paul added.

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Paul said that after 18 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. needs to rethink its foreign policy. According to the New York Times, the U.S. has about 1,000 troops in Syria. Trump’s decision announced Monday will only affect between 100 and 150 of them.

Sen. Paul noted that the Republicans attacking Trump over this decision are flustered over a small number of troops being brought home.

Rand Paul also added, “But I do think a couple of hundred people there is simply a trip wire for a bigger war or for a calamity for our soldiers.”

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