Rand Paul Says Allowing Transgender Student Athletes To Compete Will ‘Destroy Girls Sports’

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On Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul criticized policies allowing transgender students to compete in school-sponsored athletics based on their gender identity, as opposed to their biological sex.

The Senator made his comments during a confirmation hearing for the Biden administration’s choice to head the U.S. Department of Education, Miguel Cardona.

Paul Warns Cardona Not To ‘Destroy Girls Sports’

Paul is on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions where he asked Cardona,
“Do you think it’s fair to have boys running in the girls track meet?”

Paul had earlier claimed that allowing this would “destroy girls sports.”

Cardona, said he has worked with those “who share (Paul’s) concern.” 

Cardona replied, “I think it’s the legal responsibility of schools to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities, and this includes students who are transgender.”

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Paul continued pushing the issue, “A lot of us think that’s bizarre and not very fair … I wonder where feminists are on this.”

Cardona merely kept repeating the same answer. 

“I think the fact that you seem to be afraid to answer the question, or you basically do answer the question by saying it’s ok without saying it’s ok, really is a statement to a real problem we have and a disconnect between middle America and what most Americans actually believe,” Paul said.

“Who are these people that think it’s okay? From what planet are you from?” Paul said to Cardona.

Even ‘Never Trump’ Republican Mitt Romney had to step in and agree with Paul.

Romney Agrees With Rand Paul

The Utah senator said a bit later in the hearing, “I’ve got pictures of my eight granddaughters, among some grandsons, behind me,” he said, referring to photos behind him.

“They shouldn’t be competing against people who are physiologically in a totally different category, and I think boys should be competing with boys and girls competing with girls on the athletic field,” Romney added.

In Sen. Paul’s home state, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s policy says transgender student-athletes can compete “free from unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation,” but requires them to undergo sex reassignment surgery to compete based on their identified gender.

Former Democrat Rep. and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard also made waves recently on this issue.

Before her departure from the House, she introduced the “Protect Women’s Sports Act.”

The bill would have specified that Title IX protections are based on biological sex, not identified gender.

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Female High School Athletes Have Filed A Lawsuit

National Review reported on Wednesday that “Last year, three female high-school students and their families filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block transgender athletes from competing in girls sports in Connecticut.”

“The three girls, all accomplished runners, argued that they have been personally been harmed by a policy allowing biological males to compete against them in their running events, missing their chances at championship titles, state records, and scholarship opportunities,” NR noted.

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