Rand Paul: It’s Time for a Candidate Who Clutches the Constitution In One Hand


During his announcement speech as candidate for the Presidency in 2016, Rand Paul took a veiled shot at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush saying the Republican Party doesn’t need to nominate somebody who is “Democrat-Light.”

Paul noted that “big government and debt doubled” under the previous Bush administration, then tripled under President Obama’s administration.

He declared that liberty-minded conservative Americans should not water down their message or their principles.

“If we nominate a candidate who is simply Democrat light, what’s the point?” Paul asked.

“We need to boldly proclaim our vision for America. We need to go boldly forth under the banner of liberty that clutches the Constitution in one hand and the bill of rights in the other.”

Watch the relevant portion of his speech below…

Paul recently used the same exact phrase in a direct reference to Jeb Bush. He referred to his potential Republican candidate as “Democrat-light” who’s “almost like Hillary Clinton but not quite.”

Is Paul right? Is America finally ready to return to a conservative-minded candidate over a pandering centrist? What did you think of Rand Paul’s announcement? Tell us if you think he can win below.

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