Rand Paul Calls For Fauci’s Head – Says He Should Be Fired For ‘Malpractice’

Rand Paul Says Fauci Should Be Fired For 'Malpractice'

On Monday, Senator Rand Paul called for that top White House doctor Anthony Fauci to be fired for his handling of the COVID pandemic, and particularly ripped what he described as Fauci’s practice of treating all Americans affected by COVID-19 the same.

Paul made his comments during an interview on “Fox News Primetime.” 

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Sen. Paul Continues War Against Fauci

Paul told host Rachel Campos-Duffy, “But all along this has been — and this is Fauci’s main mistake. He said, let’s treat everyone the same. Universal treatment whether you’re 10 years old or 80 years old.”

“And that, frankly, is malpractice,” Paul claimed.

Paul then explained why believes people should stop taking Fauci’s advice – something he has been arguing for some time.

“Because you are 1,000 times more likely to die if you are 80 than if you are 10, this is a huge mistake,” the senator said. “It’s an unforgivable mistake by Fauci, and it’s one of the reasons why we need to quit taking his advice.”

Paul then called for Fauci to be fired.

“He needs to be dismissed from office,” Paul declared. “Because he is telling you things that aren’t true.”

“About half of the United States has probably had COVID now,” he continued. “He is not counting that at all.”

“He is saying we are not vaccinated,” Paul added. “We are not vaccinated. That’s not true either.”

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Sen. Paul: ‘Ninety-three percent of the public has gotten either vaccinated or gotten it naturally… That’s a huge success’

The senator then touted what he believes are some successes during the pandemic that have not been acknowledged.

“Ninety-five percent of people over 65 are vaccinated. 95 percent,” Paul said. “That’s a huge success.”

“And then we also have a lot of people who have gotten it naturally,” Paul went on. “Ninety-three percent of the public has gotten either vaccinated or gotten it naturally.”

“That’s a huge success,” Paul repeated.