Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of COVID Cover-Up, U.S. Funding At Wuhan Virus Lab

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On Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul made an astonishing accusation at Dr. Anthony Fauci over the alleged role of the Wuhan, China virology lab in the origins of the coronavirus.

Paul claimed during a Senate hearing on the pandemic response that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had been sending funding to the Wuhan lab.

The senator then claimed the lab “juiced up” a virus that was originally found in bats to create a supervirus that can infect human cells.

The World Health Organization has said that such a scenario – that COVID escaped the lab in Wuhan – should be investigated

Fauci: Paul Entirely, Entirely And Completely Incorrect’

When Paul presented this to Fauci, the lead White House COVID-19 doctor rejected it. 

“Sen. Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely, entirely and completely incorrect,” Fauci said.

“The NIH has not ever, and does not now, fund ‘gain of function research’ in the Wuhan Institute,” Fauci argued.

Paul pushed further with Fauci, accusing him of cooperating with the Chinese government, and supporting the laboratory that allegedly bioengineered a deadly virus. 

Fauci admitted that the NIH did fund a project at the Wuhan lab, but denies it was for “gain of function” research into human-made superviruses.

“Gain of function” is a research methodology that deliberately mutates microorganisms to increase their potency.

The Hill reported on Tuesday, “The false link between Fauci, the NIH and the Wuhan lab has been circulating among right-wing media and politicians like Paul and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) for months.”

“Let me explain to you why that was done, the SARS COV-1 originated in bats in China,” Fauci said to Paul. “It would have been irresponsible of us if we did not investigate the bat viruses and the serology to see who might have been infected.”

Fauci: ‘I Don’t Favor Gain Of Function’

Paul interrupted Fauci, to argue that COVID-19 came from a lab accident and also that it was biologically engineered.
“Government scientists like yourself who favor gain function … ” Paul said.

“I don’t favor gain of function research in China and you are saying things that are not correct,” Fauci interrupted.

Fauci denied the that NIH had any role in funding controversial research.

“I do not have any accounting of what the Chinese may have done, and I’m fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in China,” Fauci said.

“However, I will repeat again, the NIH and NIAID categorically has not funded gain of function research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute.”

Paul tweeted on Tuesday, “Dr Fauci dissembled or tried to hide his long time support for ‘gain-of-function’ research which creates super-viruses that jump from animals to humans.”

Axios reports that the Wuhan lab “previously received funding from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases via the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance” which “involved analyzing bat specimens collected from caves in China to study their potential for infecting humans.”

Further, “Shi Zhengli, a lead researcher at WIV, was known from public documents to be conducting controversial gain-of-function experiments.”

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