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Radical Feminist Has Disgusting Thoughts On Disney Gator Attack

Disney Alligator Attack

The second tragedy in the Orlando area this week was the horrific Disney alligator attack. The two year old child was dragged into a lake and drowned by what is essentially a pre-historic monster.

This is a tragedy, pure and simple. Whether or not the parents were paying attention is irrelevant right now because a child is dead.

But that didn’t stop this feminist from firing off this idiotic tweet.

Via Breitbart:


Really? “White Entitlement” caused that alligator to drag and drown an innocent child?

Feminists disgust me! They’re so focused on hurting men and white people that EVERYTHING is evidence that white men are evil and terrible.

To make her statement even dumber, there were no actual signs up before this horrible attack.

Are you disgusted by this feminist? Share your thoughts.