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“An American Carol” Parodies “Radical Christian Terrorism”

You’ve probably never heard of the 2008 film “An American Carol,” which was directed by David Zucker and features a cast including Kelsey Grammar, Trade Adkins, Gary Coleman, Leslie Neilson, and Bill O’Reilly among others.

The plot of the movie takes the form of parodying “A Christmas Carol.” Instead of Scrooge, the story’s main antagonist is a documentary filmmaker bearing the likeness of Michael Moore, named “Michael Malone.” As he works towards the goal of abolishing the 4th of July, he’s visited three times by the ghost of George Patton (played by Kelsey Grammar). The movie is a funny mockery of Moore’s anti-Americanism, and one skit in the film stands out.

It has to do with the inevitability of a liberal bringing up “Christian terrorism” in any discussion of radical Islamic terrorism. This satire of the argument is all too perfect:

I imagine the clip isn’t funny for liberals. That’s because it’s SO true!

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