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People Are Furious About The Obamas Inviting Journalist Jamilah Lemieux To The White House

Above is a picture with President and First Lady Michelle Obama with journalist Jamilah Lemieux, a senior editor for Ebony magazine, and her daughter. It was taken during a recent White House Christmas HOLIDAY party. But one Twitter user noticed something odd about the picture. Do you see it?

You have to ZOOM in.

Now, let’s just state a fact right here: This woman does NOT have the Devil in her knees. Nor is the portrait of President Washington “displeased” with the photo. It is obviously a joke. But why are people so mad that at Lemieux for taking a picture with Obama anyway?

Here’s the full story:

It is because of  comments recently made about black men during a radio show Lemieux was a part of. Many found her and her co-guests comments to be offensive. Lemieux and the other guest supposedly claimed that black men were the “number 2 killer of black women“, a statistic that doesn’t appear to actually exist. “Domestic Violence” or any type of violence is not in the top-1o causes of death for Black women. Beyond that it resurrects a dangerous and racist stereotype that black men are inherently violent, especially towards women.

It is no wonder VibeHi and others on twitter reacted the way they did:

Lemieux also made the claim that the murder of white police officers in Dallas by a radical man of African American decent was not a “hate crime” because white people are incapable of having hate crimes committed against them:

“To now extend that to the majority group, and a group of people that have a history with African-Americans that has been abusive, and we can apply that to either police officers or to Caucasians, I think, gets into very tricky territory. So I’d be curious to know if he was referring to this as a hate crime because he singled them out by race, or attempted to single them out by race, or because they were police officers.”

Often times we live in our bubble on the Internet and don’t see that there are other very important conversations happening. Now more than ever, people of all races need to come together to make this country great again. Part of that is dismissing those who want to divide and sow seeds of hate and distrust. President Trump has said he wants to be the President of all-Americans. We should take him at his word. That means it is time to put our division to one side and come together!

What are your thoughts on this issue? Share them (and be respectful!) in the comments below!