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Race-Baiting Kanye West Owes $53 Million – Philly Cops’ Response Is AMAZING!

Kanye West

Everyone on social media knows that race-baiting rapper Kayne West is in serious debt. He owes $53 million, and wants CEOs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to give him $1 billion to save his career.

The Philadelphia police department has the best answer possible for Kanye West. Their Tweet is going VIRAL!

Classic and too funny! The men and women of our local police stations risk their lives everyday for our safety. HA HA!

Twitter responded instantly, and they loved it:

The brilliant thing about this is – not only was it funny – it reminds us that as Black Lives Matter and President Barack Obama continue to insult the police, cops make low salaries for a dangerous job.

The police deserve our respect and appreciation for keeping our families safe!

However, I’m not sure Kanye is cut out for a real job. He’s too busy trying to take credit for Taylor Swift and embarrassing himself.

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