Trump Rally

Racist “Black Lives Matter” and pro-amnesty hecklers tried to use force to cause fights and interrupt a Donald Trump rally in Virginia this week. More than 5,000 patriots showed up at the Richmond International Speedway, and then that’s when the problems started.

About 10 protestors started to chant and wave signs. Then Trump fired back in classic Trump style!

The candidate responded by saying, “That’s alright. That’s why we have freedom of speech, folks!”

He then stated, “I’ll tell you how dishonest the press is. We have thousands of people in the room…and we have about 10 people over there. They’ll get the headline. You won’t. That’s pretty disgusting but that’s the way it goes.”

As Trump continued to speak, supporters and the protesters clashed. A video appeared to show a man ripping up a sign of one of the protesters.

Then, Trump supporters started a chant of “We want Trump! We want Trump!” Clearly, the protesters failed to get their message across in the conservative audience.

Here is graphic video captured by a reporter showing the interruption:

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