Queen Elizabeth Devastated Over ‘Hurtful’ Megxit—Wants It To Be ‘Over And Done With’

We hope that the monarch continues to stay strong in the coming months.

Queen Elizabeth Harry Meghan

By PopZette Staff | February 24, 2020

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been barred from using the word “royal” in any of their branding after they decided to step down as senior members of the British royal family. Now, it’s been revealed that this entire situation has been very “hurtful” for Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who just wants it to be “over and done with.”

Sources close to the Queen say that this scenario has been so difficult for her that she doesn’t like to talk about it.

“She generally doesn’t want to talk about it,” a source told Vanity Fair. “The Queen has been keen to get this resolved because she sees it is damaging to the monarchy and on a personal level I think this has been rather hurtful for her. She has got to the point where she doesn’t want to think about it anymore, she just wants it over and done with.”

Former courtier Patrick Jephson explained that the Queen, 93, sent a very clear message to Harry and Meghan in banning them from using “royal” in their branding.

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“The Queen’s disciplinary power within her family is seldom mentioned and seldom used. The mere threat of her displeasure is enough to keep the troops in line most of the time,” Jephson said. “When something more emphatic is required in defense of the dynasty, she does what’s necessary. People are reassured when she acts to protect the monarchy. It’s an institution that occasionally has to demonstrate robust self-belief to remain credible as a focus of national unity. Perhaps it’s her longevity but the Queen has a gift for keeping problems in perspective. Her instincts are humane, cautious and pragmatic.”

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith added that the Queen has drawn a clear line in the sand with how she has responded to Harry and Meghan’s decision.

“By ruling against their use of the Sussex Royal brand, she drew the line on exploiting their royal connection for profit,” Smith said. “I think in the process she has showed the sort of flexibility and adherence to standards that strengthen the monarchy.”

What Harry and Meghan did to the Queen is absolutely terrible, but she has responded with her characteristic grace and dignity. We hope that the monarch continues to stay strong in the coming months, and that she doesn’t let Harry and Meghan’s nonsense get the best of her.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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