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Suspects in Quebec Mosque Terrorist Attack Have Been Identified

**UPDATE** According to The Intercept, it appears that Khadir is not currently a suspect, and may have actually called the police. 

On Sunday night, two men reportedly opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City, killing six and wounding 19. Thankfully, 39 escaped unharmed.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that the terrorists have been identified as Mohamed Khadir and Alexandre Bissonnette, both of whom were arrested soon after the attack.

According to the Daily Mail, “The gunmen opened fire on worshipers as they prayed, shouting ‘Alluhu akbar’ as they sprayed the room of men with bullets.” Both shooters are supposedly students at a school in Quebec called Universite Laval, and Fox News reports that “one was Moroccan. Police said the suspects were not on their radar.”

More from Daily Mail:

Khadir was arrested at the scene but Bissonnette fled in his Mitsubishi. He was arrested 15 miles away later after calling 911 to turn himself in, Le Soleil reports. Police searched his home in the nearby suburb Cap Rouge overnight. They were seen searching Khadir’s apartment on Monday.

The 27-year-old’s Mitsubishi was pursued towards Félix-Leclerc highway before he stopped the vehicle himself and called 911. It was left on the side of the road as he was taken away by police. He is said to have had at least one handgun and two weapons ‘that resembled AK-47s’ on his back seat.

One of the victims has been named as Abdelkrim Hassen, a married father of three who worked in IT for the government. Prime Minister Trudeau has described the mass killing as a ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’.

Quebec Police have given no suggested motive for the killings but confirmed it was being treated as an act of terror. They are also looking in to whether a pig’s head left outside the mosque last year is connected to Sunday’s killings.

Here are some photos of the crime scene courtesy of Daily Mail:

Quebec mosque

At this time, authorities have not announced a possible motive, but the reports that the terrorists were heard shouting “Alluhu akbar” suggests that this was radical Islamic terrorism. It is unknown why the terrorists targeted a mosque, but authorities have confirmed that police are increasing security at mosques across the nation.

Similar steps have been implemented in the United States and “the NYPD said in a statement that officers have been told to give “special attention” to mosques in the area. Police said they were monitoring the situation in Quebec.”

This is an ongoing news story and we will provide you with any new details as they come in!