Psaki Defends Obama’s Upcoming Star-Studded Birthday Bash Amid COVID Surge

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended former President Barack Obama’s plan to hold a massive birthday party, complete with celebrity guests, as the White House warns about a surge in COVID cases. 

Psaki was asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy if Obama’s bash ran counter to White House warnings about a surge in COVID-19 cases from the Delta variant.

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Psaki Dodges, Defends Obama

Psaki answered, “Well, I would certainly refer you to the team who is working for my former boss to give you more specifics of what the protocols are in place.” 

“But I would note first, that former President Obama has been a huge advocate of individuals getting vaccinated,” Psaki continued. “What CDC has provided guidance on is for indoor settings in high or substantial high zones of COVID cases.”

Then Psaki addressed Obama’s planned birthday party.

“This event, according to all the public reporting is outdoors, and in a moderate zone, but in addition, there is testing requirements and other steps they’re taking, which I’m sure they can outline for you in more detail,” Psaki said.

Doocy then asked if the Obama birthday party could become a “super spreader” event.

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Doocy Presses

Psaki replied, “The guidance is about what steps people can take when they’re in public settings, indoor setting, specifically was the new guidance to keep themselves and other safe.”

“In terms of what protocols they are taking, I would refer you to them, and I’m sure they can give you more details,” she said.

Doocy wasn’t having it. He asked, “So people who are watching this at home, and they see, ‘well, President Obama can have a party with several hundred people,’ should they think that it’s OK for them to have a party with several hundred people?”  

Psaki dodged the question, saying, “We certainly advise everyone to follow public health guidelines, which I know the former president who is a huge advocate of getting vaccinated, of following the guidance of public health experts, would certainly advocate for himself as well.”



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