PROOF Hillary Clinton Lied About the Weiners



A public records request obtained by Judicial Watch has caught Hillary Clinton in yet another lie. After denying she was involved in authorizing her State Department advisor Huma Abedin to double dip with private contracts while she was a federal employee, it was shown that Hillary signed off on the arrangement.

Huma Abedin is one of Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aides. She also is the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. The issue is that she was drawing a paycheck from the State Department while working directly with then Secretary of State Clinton and also allowed to obtain outside employment. Obviously, there are concerns about conflicts given the importance of the department.


Abedin earned $135,000 working part time for the State Department while also being paid $355,000 from her contract with global consulting firm Teneo. Senator Chuck Grassley is rightfully concerned that Teneo was compensating Abedin for intelligence from the State Department to assist with their investments.

The former First Lady distanced herself from the situation by saying in an interview that she was not involved. Now that it is proven that she signed off on the arrangement, Hillary will be faced with yet another scandal during her tenure at the State Department.

Given the perception that Teneo may have been paying Abedin for information, Hillary’s campaign might be facing a huge blow. Voters already view her as untrustworthy. Perception is reality in campaigns and this one could prove to be yet challenge for the once “inevitable” Hillary.

What do you think the media would say if Hillary was a Republican with all of these scandals?  Please join the discussion.

H/T: Washington Times