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This Professor’s 1 Word Response to a Liberal Student Wanting to Delay Exams is PRICELESS (LOOK)

After schools such as Columbia University and Harvard started to grant students extensions on their exams due to the protests of the recent Grand Jury decisions in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri, left-wing students from across the country feel they should be entitled to the same special treatment.

So, at Oberlin College, which is perhaps the most liberal college in America, a student asked for exams to be delayed with a hilariously self-important email to her professor:

“I do not know if you have been in conversation with any other students or faculty regarding finals. I do know, though, that the college administration has done very little, if anything, to support students who are struggling and feel traumatized because of the recent (and day-to-day) acts of racism in this country…

I am asking that you create an option (if you have not already done so) for students who do not feel like there are in a place, emotionally, mentally, or physically, to postpone the statistics final…

I know that you have the ability and power to make decisions like this, and I am asking that you use your power to support your students who have put so much energy into the class already. They are tired, they are hurting beyond belief, and their wellbeing needs to be prioritized.”

via Reason

How did the Profesor respond? With 1 word:



The student was outraged by the Professor’s short response, and posted the following on Facebook next to a screen capture of the email:

“TRIGGER WARNING: Violent language regarding an extremely dismissive response from a professor. This is an email exchange I had with my professor this evening… We are obviously not preaching to the choir. Professors and administration at Oberlin need to be held accountable for their words and actions and have a responsibility to their students.”

Twitter had fun responding:

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