Student Says Babies Still Alive After Botched Abortions Shouldn’t Get Medical Care Because ‘They’ve Already Determined It’s Not a Baby’

When Boston College’s Pro-Life Club sponsored an event recently, one student said something too ghastly to believe: She said a baby that was still alive after a botched abortion should not receive medical attention because it wasn’t really a baby at all. orignally reported on the exchange between pro-life students and the the horrific pro-abortion extremist.

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins asked the “pro-choice” student if she believed a baby dying at the U.S.-Mexico immigration centers should receive medical treatment.

The student replied, “Yes.”

Then Hawkins asked, point blank, “Do you believe that a baby who’s born alive during an abortion at Planned Parenthood should get care?”

“No,” the student said.

Astounded, Hawkins went further, asking if an illegal immigrant crossing the border while carrying a dying baby should receive U.S. taxpayer dollars in the form of health care to save her infant. The student said, “Yes.”

Then Hawkins presented the botched abortion scenario again, asking if the doctor should try to save the still alive baby.

The student, again, said “No.”

“Why?” Hawkins asked.

The words that came out of the student’s mouth next should horrify every human being with any ounce of compassion.

‘They’ve already determined that it’s not a baby’

“Because they’re performing an abortion,” the student said. “So… they’ve already determined that it’s not a baby.”

Then the student mentioned something about “science.”

You could cut the tension in the room. The student said that the scenario being presented to her by Hawkins, a botched abortion, was rare. Hawkins did not disagree.

But then Hawkins asked, “So, do you think it’s a baby?”

“No,” the student replied.


What in God’s name are our kids learning in our universities and colleges these days? How can anyone not have a heart for something as innocent as a newborn child?!?

What is happening in this country when we can’t even agree on the absolute necessity to stand up for the most helpless and defenseless among us.


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