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President Trump Plans To Skip White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Trump has continued his war against the lying mainstream media. He has refused to allow their lies and anger stop him from Making America Great Again.

While they continue to ridicule him, he is leading this country. The media continues to be thin-skinned and take every little hard word he says as an assault on democracy and the First Amendment.

News flash: the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from mean words. It protects you from being thrown in jail. The media loves free speech, but only when they’re the ones exercising it.

President Trump has had enough of their smears, so much so that he is breaking a long tradition and refusing to celebrate with the media on the most eye-rolling evening of the year.

I’m not sure which event will be worse for Trump bashing? The Correspondents Dinner or the Oscars?

Can you blame him? The media┬áhates him and his message. The media will act outraged that he isn’t attending, but they will no doubt feel a lot more comfortable to attack the President while he isn’t there.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is one of the worst things about the SWAMP in DC. It is an evening when the nerds in the liberal political media dress up and pretend they’re important big shots. It is a night of bad jokes and self-congratulatory nonsense.

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