For years, the issue of voter fraud has unfortunately become partisan in the United States. Republicans have sought common sense reforms to our voting system, such as requiring voters show a photo ID in order to vote, yet Democrats have cried foul.

Every time Republicans in any local government try and pass any law restoring confidence in our voting system, Democrats freak out and claim the GOP is trying to block minority voters from voting, as if they are incapable of obtaining an ID.

While the left doesn’t take the issue of voter fraud seriously, President Trump does, and he is planning to take action. It is being reported that the president will sign an executive order launching an official probe into voter fraud across the country.

From ABC News:

The officials say Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will be announced as Chair and Vice Chair of the ‘Presidential Commission on Election Integrity’ in a press release today. It’s not clear whether the White House will allow coverage of the order signing.

The commission, which will include Republicans and Democrats, will be tasked with studying “vulnerabilities” in U.S. voting systems and potential effects on “improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting,” according to one official with knowledge of the announcement.

The commission will also examine the issue of voter suppression, officials said, which could encourage Democrats to sign on to the effort. The commission is tasked with submitting a report on its findings sometime in 2018, officials said, and is expected to meet for the first time this summer.

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach has been leading the charge on voter fraud, prosecuting multiple individuals in his state for the crime, and will be perfect to lead President Trump’s commission. While Democrats are likely to oppose any commission to investigate voter fraud, hopefully they will be enticed by the inclusion of voter suppression to join the investigation.

Unfortunately, given that Democrats have opposed literally everything proposed by President Trump, the American people shouldn’t hold their breaths expecting them to suddenly jump on board and help investigate voter fraud.

One thing is for certain – the days of silence are over. Trump will not sit by and do nothing.

Are you supportive of President Trump’s voter fraud commission? Share your thoughts below! 

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