For months, the liberal media and their allies in the Democrat Party repeatedly tried to connect then-candidate Donald Trump to the Russian government, in a desperate attempt to justify Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election.

The left has repeatedly insinuated that Donald Trump is some kind of Manchurian Candidate, playing the role of puppet for Vladimir Putin, rather than acknowledge that Hillary Clinton lost on her own (lack of) merits.

One notable example of the left peddling such false Trump-Russia ties was the decision of the liberal BuzzFeed website to publish a fake dossier containing salacious allegations about President Trump.

And let’s not forget the recent resignation of Michael Flynn as President Trump’s National Security Adviser over his failure to properly inform the White House about the contents of conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador in December of 2016.

Even the liberal CNN was forced to admit that Flynn’s communications with Russia were common practice, and his alleged “crime” was bogus, but the liberal media’s obsession with this story likely was the catalyst for President Trump to call for Flynn’s resignation. And let’s not forget that just yesterday, U.S. officials reported that a Russian spy ship was detected off the coast of Delaware, which further dispels the myth that Trump is colluding with Russia.

Given the myriad of incorrect stories about the Trump administration’s unsavory ties to Russia, President Trump decided to set the record straight, saying reports alleging ties with Russia are simply cover for “Clinton’s losing campaign.”

President Trump’s direct statement that the liberal media’s hatred for him and his administration is fueling all of these fake Trump-Russia connection stories is exactly why so many millions of Americans voted for him: he’s not afraid to take on the liberal media.

President Trump is right to push back against such false stories being published by the liberal media aimed at destroying his administration.

Do you agree with President Trump that the liberal media is running with fake stories to create a fake association between the Trump administration and Russia? Share your thoughts below! 

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