President Trump Hits Obama And Biden On China

The GOP fall message is becoming clear.

While Democrats wailed because President Donald Trump linked Barack Obama and Joe Biden to China, the president’s Tuesday speech in the White House Rose Garden took off the gloves.

Democrats and the media further claimed it was unethical to use the White House for what was essentially a campaign speech. They, of course, conveniently fail to mention the hundreds of times Democrat presidents have done this in the past.

The more the Democrats and the media fume, by definition, the better the president is doing in his campaign and for the country. One report the press did get right—the president has switched to a steely gray for his hair color.

The presser began as an announcement that the president signed legislation and an executive order that will hold China to account for its brutal and authoritarian moves against the people of Hong Kong. This is in blatant violation of promises the West was given over Hong Kong when the city reverted to Chinese sovereignty over 20 years ago.

“Biden has gone radical left. There’s never been a time when two candidates were so different,” Trump said. The president also continued to hit Biden as “weak” on China. “So Joe Biden and President Obama freely allowed China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities and steal our most precious secrets. I’ve stopped it largely.” President Trump added that Biden’s career has been a “gift to the Chinese Communist Party.”

The legislation and executive order are part of the administration’s new diplomatic offensive against China for trade violations, espionage, and mendacity on virus information.

But what we can also glean from what the president said was the emerging campaign message we will hear many times between now and November. In it the president will link Biden and the Democrats to their hard-left faction, which essentially runs the party, and will spare no punches in jabbing the Democrats over their cozy relationship with the Chinese.

Media spots, online ads, rallies, ads from allied 527 groups, and a host of other public outreach vehicles will hammer away at these two points. Are the Democrats concerned over it? If not, they should be.

But in typical oblivious arrogance, the kind of clueless presumption that lost them the presidency in 2016, they are likely chalking it up to what they see as an out of touch bloviating Trump haranguing his racist followers. From the “deplorable” line to today, the Democrats still haven’t learned not to look down their noses at the American people.

The record is clear on the president’s charges: Democrat after Democrat, including Joe Biden, has publicly called for a radical transformation of the nation along socialist lines. The sound bites are ready and cued for the Trump campaign.

Obama and Biden gave so much away to the Chinese on trade and national security that those areas will also be a vulnerability the president can exploit. Both of those messages, along with the suspicion Joe Biden is not up to the task of the presidency, will make for a strong Republican message in the fall.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on July 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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