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This Man’s Prank Backfired But Will Leave You In Stitches!


First off let me say do not try this at home whether or not you sober or drunk.

I am sure the wife in this video had seen something like this before so catching it on camera was in the cards this time.

The husband seems to be intoxicated and his trick for the camera was to put his head in the oven as his wife was filming. The love this couple has for each other overflowed when the husband informed his wife: “I think I have a problem. There might be an oven on my head,” while his wife kept filming with subdued laughter.

I couldn’t stop laughing and every time I tried to look around the kitchen, I blurted out laughing when he was calling for help. Now I know I am a stinker for laughing but I am sure you will laugh too when you see the video below.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-7-38-57-pm screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-7-39-10-pm

Watch the entire episode here below:

Oh what love these two must have don’t you think? I hope this man turned out okay. The way the wife was laughing, I am sure he is just fine and just think, her video was seen by the world as 65K has viewed it on LiveLeak.

H/T – LiveLeak

Ladies, if you man did this, how would you react? Fellas, did you crack a smile when he was calling for help? Share your comments below and add this article to your Facebook and Twitter page.