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A Young Boy Asked a Pastor to Come Pray Over His Mother – The Reason Why is Adorable

Do you pray? Do you think prayer is an important part of everyday life? If you do, then you are in line with most Americans.

Most Americans support a National Day of Prayer.

power of prayer

A huge majority of Americans also support allowing voluntary prayer in schools. (Someone should tell the Supreme Court!)

power of prayer

To us, how often you pray¬†doesn’t matter. According to most Americans, if you come to God in a time of need, he will listen.

power of prayer

Most Americans even believe at least “some” of their prayers are answered.

With all those facts, it shouldn’t surprise you that this young man believed in the power of prayer.

But the reason he went to this pastor in particular is funny and adorable.

Prayer Jokes

Via ChristiansUnited

Pretty funny right? We have to remember that, in times of strife and struggle, we still need to laugh and not take ourselves so seriously. God will provide!

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